Former L.A. trial lawyer Mimi Latt sets high legal thriller standards with new novel, Ultimate Justice.
                       Combine mystery, secrets, jealousy and politics for a riveting read.

National and Los Angeles Times Bestselling Author!


Ultimate Justice
Available in paperback December 2000

"A taut, fast-paced legal thriller so enjoyable I couldn't put it down — a ‘must read.'" Marcia Clark

"Riveting...Latt's heroine is fabulous--and so is this page turner." 
Women's Own

U.S.A. Today Bestseller

Mimi Latt

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Drawing upon themes she has lived in her own life, Mimi brings new meaning to the term "legal thriller" as she sometimes vilifies, explores and ultimately exposes those dirty little secrets lawyers don't want you to know about.

In her bestselling debut novel, POWERS OF ATTORNEY, defense attorney Kate Alexander is up against two ambitious friends from her law school days. In a starred review, Publisher's Weekly praised the book, saying "Latt delivers a terrific thriller ripe with romance, intrigue and legal convolutions." 

Next Rebecca Morland fought high-stakes power brokers after the disappearance of her husband in PURSUIT OF JUSTICE, which the Los Angeles Times called "A terrific sensual romp." 

Now, in ULTIMATE JUSTICE, heroine Alexandra Locke must expose a cover-up for murder--a murder that might have involved her own father.

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